Gout Surgery of the Foot – Removing Gout Crystals Pt. 2

Dr. Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Florida, surgically removes gout crystals and gouty trophi from a foot.

I’m Dr. Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry. I have a patient who has gouty tophi and now I’m gonna remove it. If you get a close you see there is more tophi on the lateral side of his joint as well and this is gonna come out almost in a clamp and you can see it’s like paint when I dig this out. It is almost painting the joint and this is the tophi right here. That is the tophi. It is all more gouty tissue. This is a person who has uncontrolled gout who has had multiple gout attacks over the years. If you look at the joint itself you can see that the cartilage is almost painted white from the gouty tophi, but actually it’s still in pretty good shape and there is still good movement of the joint if you look the way the joint is moving. So once I finish cleaning this out he can have absolute movement of the joint and he is able to walk around even run around pain free. Thank you.

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