Corns And Calluses

Dr. Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa and Brooksville Florida discusses corns and calluses of the feet.

I’m Dr. Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry.

May people suffer from corns and calluses on their feet. A corn is a hardened and thickened area of skin on the top of the toe. It is usually caused from a deformity of the toe called the hammertoe. A hammertoe is when the toe is in an upward position and it rubs on the top of the shoe. This causes the skin to thicken and become red, inflamed, and very painful. Conservatively, this can be treated with a cortisone injection into the toe and trimming down of the corn itself. This will relieve the symptoms temporarily. Sometimes for a couple of weeks, other times for months or years. Surgically, this can be corrected by straightening the toe then tells taking a piece of bone under the toe and cutting the tendon at the base of the toe. A callus on the other hand is hardened, thickened, inflamed skin on the ball of the foot and the most common place to the callus is usually at the base of the big toe or the base of the second toe and this is from a bony prominent area causing too much friction on the bottom of the foot and too much pressure in that area of the foot. Conservatively, this can be relieved with orthotics. An orthotic is a custom-made arch support that goes in his shoe and it will reduce the pressure off the bony prominent area, thus alleviating the callus. Surgically, this can be fixed by reducing the amount of bone in the area, by shaving down the bone, or removing a piece of bone from the area. If you would like to have this treated, please contact my office by visiting the website at

A: Corns and calluses are caused by excessive rubbing of the underlying bone on a shoe.

A: The bump on the top of a toe is called a corn and usually forms over a hammertoe which is a curled toe.

A: The thick skin on the bottom of a foot is called a callus. It is from too much pressure on the underlying bone

A: A podiatrist or a foot doctor can remove the callus and get rid of the bone problem that causes the corn or callus.

A: Applying moisturizing cream to the corn and callus can soften them and make them less painful. Applying a corn or callus pad without medication in the pad can help take the pressure off the corn or the callus.

A: The best treatment is to get a cortisone injection under the corn or callus and have a podiatrist trim down the callus.

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