Margot L.

“Dr. Todd Brennan and I ended up with a special relationship! He worked HARD and did every thing in his power to save my big toe. It seemed that if anything could go wrong, it happened to me. I was the 1% possibility of the worst side effects. He was patient, caring, knowledgeable, very kind and thoughtful when explaining everything, every time to me. He also kept my best interest first and sought after other Doctors in different fields with questions that may help in my case. Dr. Leslie Johnston, his Podiatrist wife, was one that was consulted and who deserves many accolades on her own! He went out of his way to find a personal Dr. when I got an infection in Ohio. He had such empathy and concern. We documented with pictures the whole series of events and joked that he’d “have to present a paper on me & my toe”. And in the end, nearly 9 whole months later he not only saved my foot but I still have a big toe and I can walk without assistance!

The staff there began to know me since my visits were so frequent. Every single one of them was always very cordial & friendly on the phone. They were very helpful in ordering equipment, securing appointments with other physicians, and taking extra steps when necessary to follow up for any reason.

I was released this September 2016 from his care and will actually miss the “Healthy Feet Podiatry” team. DR. TODD BRENNAN, here’s a personal thank you for everything that you did for me including moving those ‘mountains’ when they were in our way! :)”

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