Flat Foot

Q: What is the best treatment for flat foot?
A: Custom made orthotics made by a podiatrist or foot doctor in the office are the best treatment to help support flat feet. These are worn in closed toed shoes. Over the counter arch supports can help with some symptoms of pain associated with flat feet but custom orthotics made by a podiatry office are much better because they will stop the feet from flattening.

Q: What causes flat feet?
A: Flat feet are usually hereditary but can also be caused from degeneration of a tendon that holds up the arch causing a collapsed arch. This is usually due to being overweight.

Q: What is the best shoe for flat feet?
A: Sneakers or any laced up shoe with a small arch support is the best shoe to wear for flat feet.Flip flops and slides are the worst shoes to wear for flat feet.

Q: Can you fix flat feet?
A: There are surgeries to fix flat feet but the recovery time is 3-6 months.