Achilles Tendonitis

Q: What causes pain in the back of the heel? A: Achilles tendonitis is inflammation of the cord in the back of the heel that moves the foot up and down. Q: How do you treat pain in the back of the heel or achilles tendonitis? A: Rest the tendon by wearing a heel lift […]

Flat Foot

Q: What is the best treatment for flat foot? A: Custom made orthotics made by a podiatrist or foot doctor in the office are the best treatment to help support flat feet. These are worn in closed toed shoes. Over the counter arch supports can help with some symptoms of pain associated with flat feet […]

Athletes Foot

Q: What is athlete’s foot? A: Athletes foot is a fungal infection which causes dry cracked red skin on the bottom of the feet and red peeling skin in between the toes. Q: Why do my feet Itch? A: Athletes’ foot is the most common cause of foot itching and itchy feet. There is usually […]

Diabetic Foot Care

Q: Why should a diabetic see a foot doctor? A: A diabetic should see a foot doctor to receive preventive foot care. Diabetics can see a podiatrist to get their nails trimmed, callused shaved, evaluated for blisters, sores or foregin bodies and checked for sensation. Q: Why do diabetics get numbness on their feet? A: […]


Q: What is a wart or plantar wart and what does a wart look like? A: A wart is a group of viral particles that live on the skin in the bottom of the foot with many black dots in the center of the surrounding and overlying callus. A wart looks like a callus at […]


Q: What is a hammertoe? A: A hammertoe is a deformity of any of the toes when the toes curl downward. Q: What causes a hammertoe? A: A hammerote is caused from wearing shoes that are too narrow but mostly it is hereditary and can become progressively worse over time. Q: How do I treat […]


Q: What is a bunion? A: A bunion is an overgrowth of bone at the base of the big toe on the side of the foot. It typically looks like a bump on the side of the foot on the base of the big toe. Q: What causes a bunion? A: Bunions are hereditary and […]


Q: What is gout or a gout attack? A: Gout is a condition that occurs when there is too much uric acid in your blood and the uric acid crystals end up in the big toe joint or other joints in the foot causing the foot to become red, hot, and swollen. You will know […]

Heel and Arch Pain

Q: Why does my heel hurt first thing in the morning and after I sit for a period of time and then stand up? A: Pain in your heel and arch first thing in the morning is called plantar fasciitis. This is inflammation of the ligament that supports the arch and attaches to the bottom […]

Toenail Fungus (Fungal Toenails)

Q: Why Is my toenail discolored? A: Your toenail can turn yellow, black or white If you have toenail fungus. Q: What is the best treatment for toenail fungus? A: Laser treatment for toenail fungus has a 60% cure rate, pills have a 38% cure rate, and topical 8% cure rate. The best treatment is […]