Flat Feet

Flat feet making it impossible for you commit to your New Year’s resolution?!

Flat feet or more technically called Pes Planus is a condition where the medial arch of the foot is decrease or sometimes non existent. The particular causes of flat feet vary from being normal in the very young being a inherited or progressive deformity in the older population. Either way, the pains that can be associated with a flat foot can be crippling. But don’t fret, there is always a solution to your problem.

Flat feet in the very young, as in less then 4 is extremely common and also somewhat normal. During this age the tibia (long bone in the leg) is in a internally rotated position and this actually contributes to a flat foot. But don’t worry as your child ages the tibia will rotate and an arch will be created! In the toddler to puberty range of children flat feet often times become symptomatic and are considered to be abnormal. At these ages the first line of treatment is always a strict stretching regime, along with a well made custom insoles. Lucky for you we make those insoles (also called orthotics) in house! It is very important to not sell yourself (or loved one) short by purchasing over the counter orthotics. These typically fall well short in the support department and also because of the mass production nature can not possibly know how much correction your feet need! It would be like buying a mouth guard from Walmart expecting straight teeth! As your child ages or if their deformity is severe surgical correction of the flat foot is always an option. It actually consists of three small procedures that yield a normal foot, but most importantly minimize long term pain!

Flat feet in an adult is often treated very similar to children initially, with custom molded orthotics. Adults are much more susceptible to developing tendonitis secondary to their flatfoot and for these conditions we use a wide array of techniques to alleviate your pain. From simple cortisone injections to platelet rich plasma, stem stem injections, super pulse laser, and ozone therapy we truly have a treatment for everyone! Again, if conservative treatments to not fix your painful flat foot do not suffice surgical correction is often warranted! Depending on your age and the degrees of arthritis your flat foot as already caused a flat foot reconstruction can be performed, or more often a procedure called a triple arthrodesis is done, which allows us to both restore the normal alignment of a patient’s foot and remove any arthritis at the same time!

If you’re rolling into the new year with a new workout plan and your feet start standing in your way, Call us at Healthy Feet Podiatry and we will get you in SAME DAY to start your road to recovery!